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Run by a management team with over 5 decades of combined experience in the industry, Perimeter Fencing Solutions is a market leader in the supply and installation of all types of perimeter and security fencing as well as gates, barriers and automation systems. We use top-quality products and fittings manufactured right here in the UK. One our most requested systems is the cost-effective Twin Duo mesh fencing system.

If you are trying to decide on a fencing contractor for your project, you can rest assured that you are considering a reputable company with a long and verifiable track record in the industry. Here are some of the main points worth taking into account:

  • Well-established company managed by a team with over 5 decades of experience
  • Initial consultation and site survey without charge or further obligation
  • Premium UK sourced and manufactured products, fittings and materials
  • Trained and accredited installers
  • Ongoing technical support with offices in England and Wales
  • Bespoke design and customisation available
  • Large portfolio of successfully completed projects available for inspection
  • Secured by Design accredited license holder

More About Twin Duo Mesh Fencing

Typically use for medium security applications, the system is is suitable for commercial sites and premises, local authority sporting and landscaping schemes and private residential settings. The mesh apertures are normally 200x50mm which offers goods levels of through visibility while at the same time being an effective deterrent to unauthorised access.

The term Twin Duo Mesh is derived from the fact that extra strength is built into the panel by using a twin horizontal wire to clamp onto the vertical wires for a rigid and strong finish. The height of the fence panels ranges between 1 and 4 metres can be be customised if required.

We offer a 656 panel and also a stronger 868 system. 656 and 868 refer to the thickness of the wire used for the mesh element. The lighter mesh wire thickness is known as 656 but we also offer the superior strength 868 system. The other important factors affecting the overall strength of the are the diameter of the vertical support posts and also the strength of the clamps that hold the panels to the posts.

For enhanced security we use anti-tamper fixings as standard and a barbed top can be used as an anti-climb feature. The fence is difficult to dismantle or climb and hard to cut through with hand tools.

Installation of Twin Duo Mesh Fencing

The system is pre-manufactured in panel form and then assembled on site. Normally we would bury the upright support posts in a concrete foundation to provide a strong and stable base upon which to install the fencing panels. Sometimes, due to the presence of underground service, drainage systems and the like, a continuous foundation is not possible. In these cases we use a baseplate and bolt system which is also very stable. An initial site survey will determine the best way to proceed.

This fencing is suitable to be installed on uneven or sloping terrain. We can also easily incorporate any type of gate or barrier to create a lockable access point.


The colour of the fence can be customised to suit corporate branding colours or blend with existing installations. Standard and therefore least expensive colours are Green RAL 6005 or Black RAL 9005, but any colour on the RAL colour scale can be used.

The dimensions and height can also be altered to suit a particular purpose. We have talented teams of designers available to design you a bespoke configuration

Benefits at a Glance – Twin Duo Mesh Fencing

  • Cost effective security fencing solution
  • Good through visibility
  • The twin wire construction for the panels makes them strong and stable
  • Difficult to penetrate or vandalise
  • Suitable for all terrain
  • Easy to customise and incorporate gates and barriers

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We are a very accessible company keen to work with our customers and produce an end product that is well designed, installed and fir for purpose. If you would like to find out more, or you have questions without answers or problems without solutions, we would be happy to help out. Use the contact form on our site to register an interest and we will get straight back to you. Alternatively you can email us direct at or call us on 0330 1756 465.


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