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Perimeter Fencing Solutions is a reliable and well-established supply and installation company for a wide range of perimeter and security fencing systems as well as gates, barriers and automation. Our tubular railing fencing system gives that traditional upright railed look that has been enclosing parks, cemeteries and schools for as long as most of us can remember.

As well as the traditional look, tubular fencing can be adapted and customised with decorative railing tops to make a great looking fence for private properties and community landscaping.

Why Choose Perimeter Fencing Solutions?

When starting out on a project, of course you want to be sure that you are dealing with company that has the proven ability to deliver it on time, on budget, and with the level of dedication and professionalism that your project deserves.

Take a look at our portfolio of successfully completed projects for Local Authorities, the NHS and a range of private and commercial clients. For a regularly updated review of our latest projects you might also visit our Case Studies section. When you decide to work with Perimeter Fencing Solutions you get:

  • Well-established company managed by a team with over 5 decades of experience in the industry
  • Free initial consultation and site survey without further obligation
  • Premium UK sourced and manufactured products, fittings and materials
  • Trained and accredited installers
  • Ongoing technical support and servicing backup with offices in England and Wales
  • Bespoke design and customisation available from expert designers
  • Large portfolio of successfully completed projects available for inspection
  • Secured by Design accredited license holder

Work with Our Tubular Railings Fencing System

As previously mentioned, the standard system has been a feature of parks and other public access areas for decades. Much of it that you see around the UK has been in place for generations and still functions as well as it did on day one. The longevity of the system is beyond doubt.

Normally used in situations where low to medium security is needed, it consists of a series of pre-fabricated steel fencing panels secured between upright posts. The upright tubular bars are secured by 2 horizontal sections with drilled holes to accommodate them. They are then welded in place. They usually have mitred tops, but can also be pointed as an anti-climb measure.

The benefit of this method of fence construction is that it is very robust, minimises the amount of brackets and fixings used, and is therefore resistant to tampering and vandalism. On-costs post installation often amount to little more than an occasional coat of paint.

Standard pre-fabricated panels are available in heights of between 1 and 3.0m, but as with all of our systems, we can supply bespoke options according to your requirements

Colours Available

Our standard and therefore most cost-effective colours are: Green RAL 6005 or Black RAL 9005 but we are able to powder coat in any standard or non-standard colour on the RAL colour scale. This means that bespoke landscaping schemes and corporate branding colours can be incorporated into the overall design. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Installing and Mounting Tubular Railing Systems

The most stable option is bedding the upright posts into a strong concrete foundation. When we do this we operate to British Standards 1722.  Sometimes this is not possible due to the presence of service cables and pipes so the alternative and perfectly acceptable option is to use base-plates and bolts.

In domestic situations this type of fencing can be seen mounted on low walls between brick pillars. The top of the upright rails often include decorative design features as opposed to the normal pointed or mitred tops.

Matching gates in a variety of styles and designs can be easily incorporated. Gates with a latch for padlocking are often the gate of choice for practical reasons as well as economy.

Summary of the Benefits of Tubular Railing Systems

  • Strong and vandal resistant system built to stand the test of time.
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Modular design that can be stepped to accommodate sloping and undulating terrain.
  • Insertion of a variety of gates is not a problem
  • Customising to incorporate decorative features is relatively easy.
  • Slopes and curves can be accommodated
  • Premium UK manufactured products and fixings

Get in Touch with Perimeter Fencing Solutions

If you are looking for a reliable and well-established fencing contractor for your Tubular Railing Fencing System, Perimeter Fencing Solutions would be pleased to hear from you. Advice, guidance and an initial site survey are free of charge and without obligation. Use the contact form on our site to register an interest and we will get straight back to you. Alternatively you can email us direct at enquiries@perimeter-fencing-solutions.co.uk or call us on 0330 1756 465.


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