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Perimeter Fencing Solutions is a leading supplier and installer of timber hoarding. This is a reinforced wooden board fencing product used to shield and secure a variety of environments. Mounted either in a foundation or on the surface it acts as a temporary wood perimeter fence.

Here at Perimeter Fencing Solutions we have supplied and installed all types of perimeter fencing systems right across the UK. We are proud of the fact that we continually invest to improve and innovate our products so that our customers receive nothing but the best. By using Perimeter Fencing Solutions for wooden hoarding you get.

  • Free site surveys and no obligation consultations
  • Durable Products
  • Highly experienced installers
  • Peace of mind dealing with a long-established and respected company

Our leadership team represents a combined period of over half a century in the industry and our design and installation teams are fully certified, accredited and represent the best in the business.

What is Timber Hoarding?

Timber hoarding is a temporary perimeter fencing system constructed from solid wood panels mounted on posts. It is used both as a safety measure on building sites to protect passers by from dust and debris and also as a security fence that stops casual observers from being able to see into an area it encompasses.

Benefits of Timber Hoarding

  • Uses relatively inexpensive materials
  • Easy to customise and adapt
  • Straightforward installation
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Easy to take down and move
  • Gates and barriers easily incorporated

Compared with steel hoarding, timber is a relatively inexpensive material. This does mean that without proper care, it can degrade quicker than metal hoarding, but for a one-off project it is normally the preferred option.

That is not to say that a temporary wood fence like this cannot be reused because it certainly can. With proper care and weather proofing, wooden hoarding can be used again and again. Taking down and moving to a new site is often a simple matter of removing the screw, nails and brackets that fix it to the posts.

Timber hoarding is also much easier to adapt and customise to the contours of a site. Often times a saw is just about the only thing needed to make changes.

Uses for Timber Hoarding

This type of temporary wood fence has limitless applications due to its adaptability. We have installed our fencing systems in:

  • Construction sites
  • Waste disposal facilities
  • Sports grounds and sporting events
  • Empty shops and houses exposed to potential vandalism

Construction Sites

We are often contracted to provide wooden hoarding around the perimeter of building and construction sites. The solid nature of the system means that passers by are protected from the danger of dust particles and debris or materials that may drop from elevated positions. Because they also prevent people being able to see into a site, they deter criminals from attempting entry.

Waste Disposal

Many waste disposal facilities use solid panel fencing to prevent waste products from being blown away from the disposal area. This can be for smaller areas like community bins right through to commercial dumping and recycling facilities.

Sports Grounds and Sporting Events

Solid timber hoarding is often used in places like cricket and baseball facilities where an overshot might put passers by in danger of being struck by a loose ball. They are also used in situations where organisers want to restrict sight of a sporting event to paying customers only.

Empty Buildings

With an increasing amount of empty shops and buildings around town centres, timber hoarding is in great demand to protect them from break-ins, vandalism and the potential for squatters to take over the premises.

Supply and Installation of Wooden Hoarding by Perimeter Fencing Solutions

Perimeter Fencing Solutions offer a free initial site survey and consultation. Our designers can design your system to take into account wind loading calculations, any design factors such as logos and graphics that you would like printed on the hoarding and whether there are any underground services that dictate how the system is mounted.

Get in touch with us today for a free quote.  Tel: 0330 1756 465 | Email: enquiries@perimeter-fencing-solutions.co.uk


Tel: 0330 1756 465 | Email: enquiries@perimeter-fencing-solutions.co.uk

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