Timber Fencing

The Benefits of Timber Fencing

If you are trying to decide if timber is the most suitable fencing system for your project, let’s take a closer look at some of the considerable benefits it offers:

1. Pleasing Appearance

If you need to move away from the harsher and more industrial look of metal fencing systems to find something that is easier on the eye, then you should definitely consider wood fencing. Wood blends in with the surroundings and can bring the rural look into any urban environment. This fencing can provide high levels of security and still look great.

2. Flexible

Timber fencing can be designed as an exact fit for your intentions. Close-boarded systems can be used for complete privacy and as a security measure. And of course, they can be built up to any height.

Post and rail systems, on the other hand, can add some warmth and urban design flair to enclose a space or mark out a boundary whilst retaining an open and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

We also offer a full range of timber gates with customisable width and height options to match your installation.

3. Installation and Maintenance

Wood fencing systems are straightforward to install. Our expert installers do all of the wind resistance calculations for you and provide quick and efficient service. And with minor adjustments taking not much more than a good saw, our installations are a perfect fit every time.

And when the time comes to hand it back to you for maintenance, a good coating of wood preserver on a regular basis is all it takes.

4. Cost-Effective

Timber fencing is known to be more affordable than all but the very basic types of metal fencing systems. If cost is a consideration then timber may well be the best system to choose.

Perimeter Fencing Solutions is a long-established and market-leading UK supply and installation company for a range of  types of timber fencing systems. We are led by a management team with over 50 years of combined experience in the fencing industry and we supply and install all types of mesh, metal, and timber fencing.

Whether you need a typical good quality and great looking timber boundary fence or something a bit more secure like timber security fencing, we are certain to be able to provide something to suit.


Close-Boarded Fencing

Often used as a strong timber boundary that provides high levels of privacy screening, close-boarded fencing consists of panels of either closely mounted or overlapping feather edge boards mounted on horizontal supports that are in turn, fixed to robust timber uprights. The system is normally secured by burying the supporting posts into a strong concrete foundation. A horizontal gravel board protects the fence from low-level water damage.

Close-board fencing provides security and privacy and yet remains pleasing to the eye. The system will eventually bed into the landscape to blend with landscaping schemes rather than stand out from them.

Post and Rail

Marking out a boundary while maintaining a line of sight and an open aspect is a great way of utilising the classic post and rail system. Anywhere from 2 to 5 railings can be fixed to the timber uprights. This means that not only do you have design choices, but you also have options for the amount of money you wish to spend on the project

Here at Perimeter Fencing Solutions, we use the best quality homegrown timber that is pressure-treated for long life. Our standard post and rail systems come in either green or brown and we can incorporate a classic gate of your choice to match your installation

Knee Rail

Knee rail fencing is also sometimes known as birdsmouth or diamond rail fencing. Being no higher than the knee, it is a great way of marking a boundary or restricting vehicles from accessing an area without creating a visually intrusive and enclosed appearance. It is often seen around public parks and scenic areas.

Substantial upright posts are normally set into a concrete foundation. A triangular wedge is cut out of the upright post for built-in waterproofing properties. When the horizontal beam sits in this wedge it is angled in such a way that rainwater has no purchase and runs straight off.

Timber Play-Safe Palisade

Our Play-Safe Timber Fencing is very popular in residential, education, and playground settings. Palisade fencing is constructed from 2 horizontal running rails that support upright infill sections separated by gaps of a specified width.

Being play safe for children means that the design of the system is aimed at preventing accidents and injury to children. We can also introduce vibrant colour schemes that appeal to children and look great when the Play-Safe system is introduced around parks.

Perimeter Fencing Solutions for Your Fencing

We have vast experience with a wide range of fencing projects having worked with the NHS, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, and the private sector. We work hard to provide appealing timber fencing installations built into solid foundations and adhering to all of the relevant sections of the British Safety Standards.

We use the finest quality homegrown and pressure-treated timber on our projects along with weather and tamper-proof fixtures and fittings.

Our talented designers and installation teams deliver exciting and innovative design concepts that provide solutions to any boundary fencing issue.

Contracting with us gives you some serious benefits:


  • A management team with decades of combined industry experience
  • Free initial consultation and site survey
  • Qualified and experienced design teams
  • Fully accredited professional installers
  • Homegrown pressure treated timber and UK sourced fixtures and fitting
  • Ongoing servicing and support
  • British standards-compliant installations in all situations
  • National coverage from bases in England and Wales
  • Morgan Sindall Subcontractors of the year 2020 (in the 20K – 100k range)


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