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Perimeter Fencing Solutions has a long history of working with Local Authorities, schools and private sector clubs and organisations to install perimeter fencing systems in a wide range of sporting facilities. One project that comes up frequently is the installation of fencing to enclose a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA Fencing). If you are looking for a contractor with the experience, the professional installers and the design teams to undertake this type of project, you have come to the right place.

  • Well-established company managed by a team with over 5 decades of experience
  • Free initial consultation and site survey without further obligation
  • Premium UK sourced and manufactured products, fittings and materials
  • Trained and accredited installers
  • Ongoing technical support with offices in England and Wales
  • Bespoke design and customisation available
  • Large portfolio of successfully completed projects available for inspection
  • Secured by Design accredited license holder

Important considerations for MUGA Fencing

Enclosing a sports area is as much about the spectator as it is about the participants. There are a number of key points to consider:

  • Fencing of a substantial height is often necessary for ball sports like 5 a-side football and tennis
  • Fencing should be strong and resilient to high forces such as participants crashing into it at speed
  • Sporting events should be easily observable by outside spectators whilst at the same time the enclosure should keep them safe
  • Access doors and gates should have similar ball retention properties as the fence and should shut and lock securely
  • High rebound properties might need to be included in bottom section of the panels.
  • There should be no sharp or protruding parts that might cause injury.

Properties of MUGA Fencing

MUGA fencing is a generic term used to describe a mesh fence system of enclosing many different types of sporting arenas.

Our standard approach is to use a woven mesh fence panel mounted on upright posts and consisting of 200mm by 50mm rectangular apertures. A rebound panel 1.2m high is often incorporated into the bottom of the panel but this is optional.

The strength of the fencing is dictated by the diameter of the vertical support posts and also the thickness of the wire used for the mesh element. The lighter mesh wire thickness is known as 656 but we also offer the superior strength 868 system.

All fittings used in a MUGA installation incorporate anti-tamper properties as standard and a barbed element can be included at the top of the panel to deter anyone seeking to climb over when the facilities are locked.

The mesh fencing panels, gates and posts can be pre-painted to any colour or even a combination of colours on the RAL colour scale.

Installation of MUGA fencing

When a permanent sports and gaming arena is planned we would usually go with the preferred option of bedding the upright posts into a strong concrete foundation. Sometimes this is not possible and the alternative fallback option is to use base-plates and bolts.

The best options for each particular site are usually determined by way of an initial site survey. We have a team of talented designers who have a well-earned reputation for their ability to design a solution to just about any problem.

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