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Perimeter Fencing Solutions are leading suppliers of perimeter security fencing, gates and barriers. With offices in England and Wales and through sourcing and use of top-quality UK manufactured products and systems, we are truly a national UK company. We can also boast a large portfolio of successfully projects completed over many years across the public and private sectors throughout the UK. For customers looking for higher levels of perimeter security offered in a fencing product, we often recommend our Security 358 mesh fencing system.

  • Long-established company managed by a team with over 5 decades of experience in the industry
  • Large portfolio of wide-ranging and successfully completed projects available for inspection
  • Top quality UK sourced and manufactured products
  • Free initial site surveys and consultations
  • Qualified and accredited design and installation teams
  • Flexible and customer-led approach with the ability to produce bespoke designs and innovative solutions to unique problems
  • Back-up and ongoing servicing available

Is 358 Mesh Fencing Systems Right for You?

1. Use

This type of fencing is designed to be a visual and physical deterrent against unauthorised access. It is almost impossible to climb and difficult to cut due to the size of the apertures. At the same time it offers visibility through the structure. This is important when for example an area outside of the fence needs to be covered by a CCTV system or perhaps night-time mobile security patrols are engaged to monitor a building from outside of the perimeter.

2. Construction

The system consists of panels of mesh fencing made up from resistance welded vertical and horizontal interwoven wires. The wires are usually 4mm in diameter so they form a strong and cohesive panel that does not impact visually on the environment.

The standard aperture size is 12.7×76.2mm. This is a well thought out sizing because it gives the fence high-security, anti-climb properties. It is virtually impossible to get toe or finger holds on the fence for climbing and makes using tools to cut it much more difficult. It also makes it difficult to pass items through the fence.

The height of the fencing panels can be varied according to the intended purpose. It is not unusual to install the system to a height of up to 5.20 metres. A reasonably standard height used in many educational and sporting environments is is 3.60m

The system can be customised through the application of a range of different colours on the RAL colour scale. Corporate branding colours can be accommodated, or the fence can be blended with existing installations

3. Mounting

Wherever possible we use square posts set in a concrete foundation. The dimensions of the post will vary according to the height required and the purpose of the fence. We might also bury the bottom section of the fence panels in concrete to prevent burrowing under the fence.

Fence panels are mounted on the posts by overlapping and clamping. We use anti-tamper fixings as standard.

We like to start projects with a free site survey where we work with the customer to get these details right before the design and manufacturing process.

Summary of Features and Benefits

  • High security fencing offering a formidable visual and physical intruder deterrent
  • Strong construction with anti-tamper and anti-climb characteristics
  • Suitable for sloping or uneven ground
  • Can easily incorporate gates and barriers
  • Customisable height, colour and mesh strength according to requirements
  • Low visual impact on the environment

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