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At Perimeter Fencing Solutions we have been supplying and installing premium UK manufactured security and perimeter fencing systems for many years. One product that has been consistently in demand is our Play-Safe hoop top railing system which is a popular children’s outdoor play area fencing system and also as a safe school playground fencing method.

When considering Perimeter Fencing Solutions for any fencing and gating project you are considering a company that has been leading the way in the sector for many years and one that can bring you a series of benefits:

  • Leadership team with over 5 decades of combined experience
  • Talented designers for innovative bespoke solutions to difficult problems
  • Use of top-line UK manufactured products
  • Expert installers working to BS and EN standards
  • Offices in England and Wales for true national coverage as well as servicing and backup
  • A large portfolio of successfully completed projects across all sectors
  • Free initial consultations and site surveys

What is the Play-Safe hoop top railing system?

The system is mainly used as an outdoor play area fence in educational settings and as protection in parks, play areas, social housing estates and wherever children play.

It is designed as a series of bow top fencing sections mounted though horizontal rails (pale through rail)  rather than fixed on them. Strong welds are used to secure them in place as opposed to rivets or bolts. This means that there are no sharp protruding points or connectors that might possibly cause accidental physical harm to children.

A second and very important safety feature is also incorporated into the design of this system. A wider than usual gap between the hoops at the top of the bow top fence prevents children from getting head or limbs stuck in the fence.

In general, the lack of mounting brackets and other external connections makes the hoop top rail design resistant to vandalism and very much a permanent fencing structure that requires little ongoing maintenance.

Functions of Play-safe hoop top railing

  • To assist parents to define the boundary of a play area for children and contain them within it
  • To stop dogs and other animals from entering and soiling a safe zone for children. Normally used with a self closing hinged gate
  • An outdoor play area fence for boundary demarcation of a play zone to give children a sense of ownership of an area that is separate from the surroundings
  • Provide a safe anti trap bow top fencing perimeter that will not trap or harm young children

Mounting and Fixing Play-safe hoop top railing

In most cases the traditional method of securing the fencing safely in place in a concrete foundation is the option we use. In cases where this is not possible perhaps due to the presence of underground cables or services, we employ a surface mounted plate and bolt system.

We use strong upright supporting posts at an appropriate distance plus two tubular horizontal rails for stable support of the hoop top fencing. Posts often incorporate domed caps on top for added safety and prevention of climbing. Wherever fixings need to be used for example when inserting a matching bow top gate, we use anti-tamper fittings to maintain vandal-proof qualities.

Summary of features and benefits of our Play-safe hoop top railing system

  1. Can be manufactured to heights between the standard 1.0m recommended for play areas right up to 1.8m
  2. Relatively inexpensive kids play area fence system that can be pre-manufactured off-site
  3. Galvanised rust-proof materials
  4. Suitable for installing on sloping or uneven ground
  5. Not a rigid system so wind resistance is not usually an issue
  6. Robust bow top metal fencing construction featuring welding rather than external fixings. Vandal-proof and requires little of no ongoing maintenance making it a good permanent fencing solution
  7. Easy to insert a complimentary gate into the design
  8. Can be customised to match existing colour schemes or branding using any colour on the RAL colour scale
  9. A proprietary bow top railings fencing system that is inherently safe for constructing a child fence play area and containing children within a defined area.

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