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A Palisade Security Fencing Solution to Meet Your Needs

Perimeter Fencing Solutions supply and install all types of perimeter security fencing, gates, barriers and automated access systems including the palisade security fencing system. As a well-established company within the security fencing industry, we source top-quality products, fixtures and fittings manufactured in the UK. We also have qualified and experienced design teams for customised and difficult, bespoke projects. We always work to all of the relevant British Safety Standards.

Customers seeking a robust, high security perimeter often opt for our galvanised palisade fencing system. . For customers asking where can I find palisade fencing near me, the fact that we work from bases in England and Wales and  provide wide-ranging coverage across the UK is a big advantage. We have undertaken many successfully completed galvanised steel palisade fencing projects for a range of customers including Local Authorities, the NHS and a variety of private sector businesses and organisations. Key projects have been outlined in our case study and customer feedback sections on this site.

What is Palisade Security Fencing?

There are three key components to this type of system:

  1. Steel RSJ upright support posts
  2. Horizontal rails mounted on the support posts
  3. Strong upright steel pales mounted on the horizontal rails

This robust system uses strong materials that are difficult to cut, bend out of shape or vandalise. The upright pales are also difficult to climb as they are relatively tightly spaced, present no toe holds and often feature barbed elements at the top. Where fixtures and fittings are necessary we always use anti-tamper fittings.

As standard, this fencing system is coated with corrosion-resistant galvanising for long-life and minimal ongoing maintenance. We can also customise the look by using any colour on the RAL colour scale to match company branding colours or blend with existing installations.

The height of the palisade security fencing can be customised according to purpose and requirements. The normal height range is between 1 and 4 metres.


We offer free consultations and site surveys in order to work with clients and design a project that fits both the application and the physical aspects of the proposed site. You will often see palisade security fencing used at the side of roads and railways, in docks and airports as well as a wide range of commercial and industrial premises.

Under normal circumstances we would set the upright RSJ posts in a strong concrete foundation. Where this is not possible we use a bolt and baseplate system. The rest of the system comes in pre-manufactured kit form which is assembled and installed on-site.

The nature of this type of system means that adjusting the installation to take account of sloping or undulating ground is not a problem and matching palisade gates and barriers up to 4m wide can also be inserted.

Palisade Security Fencing – Key Features and Benefits

  • High security fencing, difficult to cut, bend or climb.
  • Constructed from strong steel and coated with weather-resistant galvanising
  • Easy to assemble and install on-site which helps keep palisade fencing costs down
  • No problems installing on sloping or undulating ground
  • Heights and look can be customised to suit.
  • Matching barriers, palisade sliding gates and palisade security gates available

Choosing Perimeter Fencing Solutions for Your Perimeter Fencing Project

If you need a long-established and reliable company to join with you on your project then you can do no better than team up with us. Our leadership team has accumulated over 5 decades of combined experience in the industry.

We continually invest in our design and installation teams to make sure they are the best in the business. We also invest in research and development as we continually seek to improve the standards of the products and services we offer. We currently hold Security by Design licensing and accreditation.

If you have been searching for “ palisade fencing suppliers near me” you have come to the right place. We invite you to use the contact form on our site to register an interest and we will get straight back to you. Alternatively you can email us direct at or call us on 0330 1756 465.


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