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Cost Effective Fencing with Paladin Mesh Fencing

Perimeter Fencing Solutions are leading suppliers and installers of all types of perimeter fencing, barriers and gates. Our premium UK manufactured fencing solutions have been taken up across both the private and public sectors. One of our most popular and cost-effective fencing solutions designed for medium to high-security applications is the Paladin fence.

We have successfully completed contracts for this type of paladin fence panels across a number of commercial, educational and other Local Authority settings. Examples of our portfolio and a number of case studies can be found across the site. You can also download our brochure with some more examples of our installations

Why choose Perimeter Fencing Solutions?

If you prefer to work with a well-established and widely recognised market leader in the fencing industry then look no further. Our management team have between them, over 5 decades of experience. We make sure that our teams of talented designers and installers have the latest training and accreditation to meet the needs of our clients and offer top-flight customer service.

We invest in research and development to make the best quality products on the market available to our customers. We also have a purchasing policy that supports UK manufacturers by out-sourcing some of our products to them.

What is Paladin Mesh Fencing and Fence Panels?

Often installed as the fencing system of choice around educational faculties and other public buildings, our paladin fence panels offer clear through visibility and a pleasing look. The variable mesh apertures give it the striped appearance that has become so familiar.

Built into the upper section of the mesh panel is what is known as a “v beam” that brings extra strength and acts as an anti-climb feature. The tops of the panels, if high enough to meet regulations, are often barbed which also acts as an anti-climb measure.

Because native strength is built into the panels through wire thickness that is usually 3 or 4 mm, tightly welded interwoven mesh and the v beam mentioned previously, the standard width of the paladin fence panels can be pushed out to as much as 3 metres. This means that the upright supports are relatively widely spaced which reduces the overall cost of the installation.

The standard colours are Green RAL 6005 or Black RAL 9005 however we are able to powder coat in any standard or non standard colour to suit corporate branding or colour preferences.

This is a very flexible system that can be installed across sloping or undulating terrain with no problem. Panel heights can range between 1 and 4 metres. When installed to maximum height the fence presents a highly effective deterrent to anyone considering unauthorised entry onto a property

Installation of Paladin Mesh Fencing

At Perimeter Fencing Solutions we will normally carry out a complimentary site survey to work with clients and advise on the best installation method of your paladin fence.

Our preference for the most secure installation method is to mount the fencing system onto square hollow section (SHS) or rectangular hollow section (RHS) posts buried into a concrete foundation in accordance with British Standards BS 1722. This may not always be possible for a number of reasons, so we are able to offer any of our systems with base-plated posts bolted to a suitable surface.

The fence panels are secured to the posts using clips or clamping bars. Whenever fixings like bolts are used, we always fit an anti-tamper variety.

You may also have seen these fencing systems looking very appealing when set onto a low brick wall with the uprights fixed to suitably spaced brick pillars. We can also design, supply and install gates in a variety of styles, fitted with the same mesh pattern as an infill to match the appearance of the fence.

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