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We Supply and Install Heras Fencing

Perimeter Fencing Solutions design, supply and install Heras perimeter fencing systems. The Heras system is a temporary fencing system made of of mesh fencing panels mounted on tubular posts

We are a well-established fencing, barrier and gate company with decades of experience working in the perimeter fencing industry. True national coverage is provided from our 2 bases; one in England and the other in Wales. By trusting us with your project you get:

  • A management team with over half a century combined experience
  • Free initial consultation and site survey
  • Qualified and experienced design teams
  • Accredited expert installers
  • Quality UK manufactured products
  • Bespoke and tailored services
  • Ongoing support

Although we don’t manufacture Heras Fencing in-house we are able to offer a supply, install and take-down service to suit your requirements.

What is Heras Fencing?

Heras fencing is a system of mesh fencing panels that was brought to market over four decades ago and quickly took off as a quick and convenient way to secure a perimeter. The system can be matched with a range of accessories, feet and anti-climb features to provide an adaptable solution to meet every circumstance.

The mesh panels are galvanised to withstand challenging weather conditions and normally come in dimensions of 2 metres high and 3.5 metres wide. The mesh comes in standard or heavy duty versions. It is mounted on a tubular frame which extends beyond the panel at the bottom to allow secure mounting into high visibility stabilising feet. The panels are locked together horizontally using specially designed anti-tamper couplers.

Benefits of Heras Fencing

  • Lighter than hoarding
  • Rapid installation
  • Adapts to suit rougher terrain
  • Easily incorporates barriers and gates
  • Offers less wind resistance than hoarding
  • Re-usable and long-lasting to provide a good return on initial outlay
  • Ideal when fencing is required urgently

Uses for Heras Fencing

Crowd Control

Heras is often used for temporary crowd control situations. Outdoor events, concerts, festivals and sporting occasions use it a lot to direct the flow of crowds, prevent the audience from getting close to the stage and even management of parking facilities.

Building Site Security and Safety

Erecting a 2 metre high fence around the perimeter of a building site and incorporating a range of anti-climb features will be a deterrent to even the most persistent of criminals. Additionally, the system can be used inside the construction site to fence off and restrict access to potentially hazardous areas.

Emergency Response

There are occasions when an emergency situation demands an emergency response. This is where a pre-fabricated fencing system like Heras comes into its own. A secure and effective perimeter can be mounted very quickly. Situations might include collapsed or partially collapsed buildings, serious road traffic incidents, isolating hazardous leaks and many others.

Using Perimeter Fencing Solutions for Heras Fencing

From the moment you contact us, Perimeter Fencing Systems will work with you to design, supply and install a perimeter system that meets or exceeds all of your requirements. We also have the expertise to design, supply and incorporate a range of barriers and gates into your perimeter

Our Hera fencing service includes supply but our installers can also take down, move and re-install your own Heras fencing onto a new site or venue. Have a look on our site where you will find case studies and our portfolio showing that we have successfully completed a range of projects in a variety of sectors. These include various Local Authority and NHS projects as well as many in the private sector.

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Our friendly staff are always available to answer questions and deal with your enquiry. Get in touch with us using these details:  Tel: 0330 1756 465 | Email: enquiries@perimeter-fencing-solutions.co.uk


Tel: 0330 1756 465 | Email: enquiries@perimeter-fencing-solutions.co.uk

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