Alongside our range of security perimeter fencing products, Perimeter Fencing Solutions can supply and install bollards of just about every type and for any purpose. We offer steel bollards, stainless steel bollards, concrete bollards, retractable and telescopic bollards linked to access control systems and even timber bollards in parks and open spaces.

If you are looking for security bollards, we have the design and installation expertise you would expect from a long-established company in the security perimeter sector. Our leadership team has a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry and our design and installation staff are all qualified and accredited to the highest standards. You don’t have to take our word for it. We let our unrivalled portfolio of successfully completed projects speak for itself. Download our PDF and take a look at some of our case studies.


Our bollard installations are mainly used for controlling and restricting flow of traffic through prohibited areas. They enable planners to keep vehicles out of certain areas but unlike fences, allow permitted traffic like cycles and pedestrians to pass through.

They represent a safety feature that can be of enormous benefit in village, town and even city centres. But at the same time they avoid cluttering up an area or detracting from its visual impact. Bollards enclose a space and define a boundary without it appearing to be enclosed. Typical examples for their use include:

  • Defining pedestrian areas in town centres
  • Creating cycling lanes
  • Preventing vehicular approach to sensitive buildings
  • Preventing vehicular access to parks, commons and other open spaces



Generally we would install bollards in a secure concrete foundation. Exceptions might be for areas where this is not possible due to the presence of sewers, underground cables and gas pipes or similar. In these cases we adapt our methods to utilise surface mounted bolting systems.



Bollards are normally constructed from robust materials. In addition to standard concrete, we use metals such as steel and stainless steel. We can paint them to any colour on the RAL colour scale prior to installation. Our bollards are designed to be long-lasting and resistant to all climates.

At this point it is also worth noting that we can also supply softer more flexible bollards made from eco-friendly recycled plastic or rubber.



  • Metal. There are distinct advantages to using metal. Folding mechanisms and access control features are much easier to incorporate. Folding bollards with a simple padlock are often used for reserved parking spaces or as a driveway security post.
  • Retracting Bollards. In cases where perimeter security is a factor, access control bollards that retract into the ground can be linked to automated access control systems like vehicle recognition or fob press.
  • Recycled plastic and rubber bollards are great for defining a boundary but without the potential for seriously damaging anything that may inadvertently run into one.
  • Concrete barriers are very much a fit and forget feature. They require little or no ongoing maintenance and represent the ideal and financially astute choice when permanence is a priority
  • Timber Bollards are an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing choice. They often feature in publicly accessible forestry locations, parks and open spaces and large estates that are open to the public



At Perimeter Fencing Solutions we are more than happy and indeed prefer to be involved at the early planning stages of any project. We offer free site surveys and our approachable staff are just a phone call away. Use the details found on this site to get in touch for an exploratory chat with no obligation to proceed.


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